Insights from a social media audit

REACH CenterA team of four, including myself, had the opportunity to conduct a social media audit and conversation analysis for the REACH Center, a privately owned community center that hosts classes such as music and dance. Through our findings, we noticed a few tips to help boost an organization’s social media practices. We compared the REACH Center’s social media platforms to three comparison organizations. While the REACH Center’s social media is limited, we did pick up on a few strategies that worked.

Know your audience

The REACH Center has great visual content from the events it hosts, and this aspect is what social media followers would be most interested in. Understanding what your audience will be looking for keeps followers engaged and coming back for more. Organizations posting visuals receive more interactions per posts and have a higher likelihood of being shared.

Keep Consistency

Making sure an organization has a consistent profile picture is key. When initially searching for an organization’s social media account, followers will be looking for images they recognize rather than the username.  Having that recognizable brand picture or logo will help interested parties easily find you.

Stay relevant

If organizations aren’t actively staying up with their social media, they will be the first to be forgotten. To create a relationship with your followers, an organization must take the initiative to create engagement and put in the leg work in for this relationship. Post at least a few times a week and make sure to be reaching out to your audience.

Social media is tricky, and even professionals are still trying to learn the best way to utilize it. Performing this social media audit and conversation analysis let us see how organizations on perceived on these platforms and which tactics have been effective.

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